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What are "Greeters"?

A New Way of Travelling

A “Greeter” is a voluntary inhabitant who is passionate about his/her region (city or village), who wants to share this passion with other people in all conviviality (max. 6 people), during an encounter off the beaten path. He/she shares his/her own story, his/her favourites, his/her anecdotes…

The “Greeters” can be lovers of history, gastronomy, architecture, arts and crafts, nature… but they all have a passion for their region and the will to share it.

A “Greeter” is not a professional guide, but rather an “ambassador” of his/her region! Therefore:

- a “Greeter” does not have the same qualifications as a historian, a guide, or a naturalist,
- a “Greeter” works on a voluntary base and therefore receives no payment or tips,
- a “Greeter” does not welcome groups, and never more than 6 people at a time (with your family, with friends, etc.)
- a “Greeter” never takes his/her visitors to places that are already covered by professional guides.

The concept of “Greeters” originated in New York in 1992, on the initiative of Lynn Brooks. Since then, the concept developed across the globe, it is managed by the international network: Global Greeter Network.  All “Greeter” networks and the “Greeters” themselves pledge to respect its core values.

Find all the “Greeter” destinations on Global Greeter Network.


The “Greeter” network of Liege invites you to discover the Province… a region in which the cities and villages can be discovered as so many delicacies with, in every one of them, local specialties and unique pleasures. Enjoy a small tour of the place.

Discover the various destinations offered to you by the “Greeters” of Liège!

The “Greeter” network of Liege is a free service based on voluntary work. It is coordinated by the Tourism Federation of the Province of Liege, in collaboration with asbl Tourisme autrement.

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