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The volunteers

Do you like to share and exchange?
Do you feel passionate?
Do you want people to discover your city/village in another manner?
Would you like to meet people from different cultures?

The “Greeters” of Liege are talkative, passionate, storytellers, historians, hikers… come and join them!
The Tourism Federation of the Province of Liege is looking for volunteers of all ages and interests, who want to share their favourites, city/village, region… in a warm and original way during a walk, and become ambassadors of the Province.
Discover the charter of the “Greeters” of Liege and fill in the form online to forward your candidature to us.
A “Greeter”:
- is a volunteer
- is over 18 years old
- is passionate about his/her city/village
- wants to share this passion
- is welcoming, cordial, and able to communicate enthusiastically
- likes to open up to new perspectives
- is reliable and respects appointments
- is available at least six times a year, for minimum two hours
- has an e-mail address

I am a "Greeter"


Frequently Asked Questions for volunteers